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  • JBCD-01 Unit charger for wireless lamp
  • JBCD-01 Unit charger for wireless lamp
    Adopt imported switch power to manage chips, high efficiency, and long lifetime with protection against the overflow or short-circuit. When charging, the indicator light show red color, and will turn to yellow automatically as the charging is over. It owns small volume and stable performance. It is portable and applied to charging of a single miner's lamp. It is using standard constant voltage and current to charging
  • JBZH-02 Unit charging adapter
  • JBZH-02 Unit charging adapter
    Designed in the needs of mines centralized management, it can be used in traditional charging rack (charging ark) and given Li-ion battery charging. Be suitable to the capacity of Li-ion battery and charging characteristics. It can convert traditional charging rack DC6V ~ DC12V to DC5V easily, ensured the operation of cordless miner's lamp. Give mines convenience as no need to renewal charging rack, save the original investment in equipment. Its volume is small and it is light, also received good feedback according to miners' using.
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